Panthea Villa is located in the area of Nerokourou, specifically at the foothills of mountain Malaxa, with an altitude of 73 meters(240 feet). Just a few minutes by car is the beautiful old city of Chania. Navigate through the narrow alleys and explore the old city uncovering all of its secrets. The whole town is an attraction in of itself, especially taking into account the fact that it has been continually been inhabited for 4000 years. Visit the venetian harbour and admire the historic lighthouse. After your excursion, you can relax in a cafe or a restaurant as there are numerous in the area.

Villa Panthea


The kedrodasos is located of chania and fairly close to elafonisi. The amazing beach of kedrodasos is engulfed with cedar trees which provide a comforting shade from the sun. Furthermore, this beach is ideal for camping lovers, nudists, windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Villa Panthea


Falassarna bay is one of the most famous beaches in Greece, which has been awarded as the best beach of Crete and voted as one of the 10 best beaches in Europe in the past. The sand in Falassarna is whitish, making the water color tropical looking. if you have time and are looking for something romantic, you can wait for the sunset, which is considered the best in Crete. After dawn, you might be lucky to visit one of the several beach partys organized in Falassarna during summer. We ensure you will be enchanted by this picturesque beach and its turquoise waters.
Its located just one hour away by car, we suggest calling one of the several beach bars to reserve un umbrella as the beach is usually packed full of tourists and locals. After you enjoy the magical sunset, you can taste the local cuisine at some restaurants that host amazing views. ( Gramboussa Restaurant , Mama’s Dinner Restaurant) at the village of kaliviani that is roughly 20 minutes away from the beach.

Villa Panthea


Not long ago, Elafonisi Beach was a secret known to very few locals on Crete. Then, in 2014, it was named one of the world’s top 25 beaches on TripAdvisor. Today, this beautiful sandy beach is a must for any visitor. Elafonisi is an island, separated from the southwest coast of Crete, by a shallow, warm lagoon and a sandbar that is submerged under about one meter of water at most during high tide. The beach on the mainland and on the part of the sandbar that is never submerged is populated by hundreds of beach chairs and umbrellas and thousands of tourists in the high season. There are three main reasons that this beach is so popular. Firstly, this beach is one of the few in the wold that has pink sand, furthermore, Elafonisi stands out for its soft, powdery white sand. And lastly, for it’s captivating turquoise shallow waters. We suggest leaving for the beach early in the morning as it is approximately 1:30 hours away.